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Missy and Mike Engagements

I always love getting the opportunity to do an engagement session for a couple. There is something about this time in your wedding planning that I feel like you get a chance to actually enjoy it! In the middle of all of these details and decisions you get to just STOP and just look into the eyes of your fiancee. And even better, I get to be there and capture those smiles so that you can continue to enjoy this time for years to come!

Missy and Mike are newly engaged and after a couple of months of trying to coordinate our schedules we were finally able to find a day that would work and it couldn't have turned out better! Scripps is always one of my favorite spots especially this time of year! You get the most beautiful sunsets and the beach isn't too crowded where you are constantly fighting people for the prime pier spot!

I can't wait for these two to get married it is going to be an absolute blast!

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