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Leslie & Brad Engagement Session

It isn't everyday that I get to hop on a plane and go to an amazing city to take engagement pictures, so when I get the chance I make the most of it! Chicago is absolutely incredible. From a photographers perspective it offers endless opportunities to take pictures with dramatic and engaging backdrops. You can literally spend an entire day in a session and still only get to half of the spots you had intended to get to.

So, first stop.... BUCKTOWN!

Leslie and Brad are such a unique couple. Not only were they pumped up to travel all around the city, they even had 3 different outfit options! The first one, this beautiful red dress was absolutely perfect for our first two locations. How it looked against this famous "LOVE" wall couldn't have been better!

2. Our next stop the J Parker rooftop bar!

We got to the rooftop right as it opened which was perfect. Considering it had just stopped raining and the bar had just opened we basically had the place to ourselves!

3. Next stop: Lincoln Park!

This was our first outfit change. It was difficult to even imagine a more gorgeous dress after the red one but this amazing pink velvet dress was a show stopper!

It was so amazing we kept it on through the next step!

4. North Avenue Beach

The next stop on our day is always one of my favorites. When you have a city as beautiful as Chicago you want the perfect vantage point to be able to capture the city scape! Heading down to North Avenue Beach gives you this perfect location. You have this amazing lake on one side and then the city views on the other. I just can't get enough!

5. LaSalle Street Bridge

It is hard sometimes to have any energy left to not only going to 5 locations but to make it all the way to the evening hours AND even change your outfits! So after we ended our session on North Avenue we hopped in our Uber and headed to this downtown bridge. Obviously I am obsessed with leading lines so being able to squeeze in these last couple of shots on the bridge really just made my night!

So a huge THANK YOU to Leslie and Brad for being an adventurous couple and exploring all of the amazing locations that Chicago has to offer!!!

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