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Mommy and Me

The longer I do photographer the more the types of photography shoots change. It use to just really be engagements, families, and weddings and now you have things like "trash the dress" or mini family sessions. And now one of my new favorites is this Mommy and Me session. Call me biased because I am a mom, but these are an absolute joy to do. Given that you are just focused on these two family members the session becomes so much more intimate and fun. It is more about the two interacting with each other, rather than structure or posing them for a shoot.

In this case because we were working with a toddler it can also be absolutely unpredictable given that she is really in charge of the shoot. I may have some great ideas or visions that I want to try and capture but if she isn't a willing participant then my vision is immediately trumped. Luckily for us, Charlie was adventurous and was willing to explore North Park with us. Because North Park has so many beautiful new places, it gave us so many different backgrounds to play with. Around every corner was a new building offering a unique backdrop for us to play around with!

I love being able to see this cutie grow up and seeing her personality being able to be captured in these sessions. Having the opportunity to be involved in these sessions only reafirms how much I love this job!

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