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Megan and Jory Maternity Session

So lets start with, maternity sessions are always an exciting time especially when it is the first child. There is an excitement and anticipation of this new unknown adventure that lies ahead that you can't really explain in words. As a mother myself I can say that while I didn't opt to take maternity pictures when I was pregnant they are one of my absolute favorite things to capture. This is a moment in time that you can literally stop and remember starting this new chapter together. While you may be uncomfortable or tired your life is literally about to change for the better, and that "glow" that everyone talks about is real.

For Megan's maternity shoot we had decided on a favorite spot of hers which just happen to be in East San Diego on a very hot weekend. While I had some concerns for her given her condition she was absolutely ready and willing to hike as far as needed to get the pictures she wanted!

While in the fall/winter this Mission Trails Regional Park is absolutely coming alive with greenery, I was in LOVE with how the grassy hill was photographing as the sun was setting.

Not only was this mommy to be willing to hike up hill, she even climbed through barriers to get to this amazing clearing where the light was something I literally fell in love with!

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