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Katy + Tony

It isn't every day you meet such an incredible couple with a connection that you know isn't as common as we would like. I had the privilege of being able to capture a very special First Look. While they already had officially tied the knot Tony had deployed before they had an actual wedding. Katy and I had spoken about doing a fun engagement shoot once he returned, and before we knew it, it turned into so much more.

Tony had no idea that we had Katy in a wedding dress so lets start there. To be able to see the one you love dressed up to marry you is a special moment all of us photographers LOVE to capture.

Trying to keep this a secret was difficult enough. I had to pick up the dress and drive it up to the location. Then we had to distract Tony while we had her change in the parking lot!

The moment he saw her was absolutely priceless. I absolutely loved the smirk on his face that was a combination of pure joy and disbelief that someone this amazing and beautiful was all his!

The rest of the shoot was a blur. We had so much fun just playing around. When you don't have the time table of a normal wedding the session can be so relaxed and stress free. I am not saying all wedding photoshoots should be staged in this manner, but I have to admit they have their advantages!

Thank you again to the incredible people and vendors who helped make this happen!

Dress by: The Dress Theory San Diego

Hair by: Rashelle Black

Flowers by: Tasha Kilian

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