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Should I do a first look at my wedding?

As quick as a wedding seems to fly by there are absolutely some significant points in the timeline that are critical and memorable. These are the photographs you are going to want to capture if not frame and you want to make sure you discuss this with your photographer BEFORE the wedding. In some cases that might mean that they require additional equipment or even a second photographer, and all of that needs to be decided well in advance of the wedding.

One of these critical moments in the wedding is when the bride and groom see each other for the first time. There are many pros and cons to how to capture this moment. Some more traditional couples say they will absolutely not see each other before the ceremony, but lately, there are more and more brides that like the idea of doing this before the ceremony. Lets review the pros and cons:


  • You can stage it! Sometimes there are other areas around the property other than the Alter. You can pick a different location with a beautiful back drop that will give you a lot more options.

  • More angles available for the photographer(s) - When you are set up for a ceremony there are only so many places that are unobstructed for this wonderful moment so the photographers are often limited as to where they can stand and what they can capture. When you stage it the photographers have a lot more options available to them.

  • It is more personal - for a lot of couples this is a very important moment for the two of you and you have decided to share it with EVERYONE. For some couples that just is overwhelming so by doing a first look it can be focused on just the two of you.

  • You can take your time - obviously you and your photographer need to decide how much time is needed but again because it is staged, it can make fore much better pictures that aren't rushed.


  • Tradition tradition tradition. For the majority of couples it is more important to stick with tradition than to entertain this idea which can be a deal breaker

  • Other people might see - depending on where you decide to take these photos other people (whether attending the wedding or not) can also see you in this moment.

  • You have to factor this into your timeline - as mentioned previously this isn't something that can be spontaneous. So if you do choose to do it work it into your overall timeline well in advance

Other people have told you not to do it - peer pressure can be tough especially when it is coming from family members. It can be easier to appease other people and not cause too many waves. In this case better to be safe than sorry.

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