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Mike & Megan Engagement Photos

It isn't everyday you get to travel all the way to the incredible city of Chicago to follow around a couple who are head over heels in love. Taking engagement photos in Chicago provides absolutely endless possibilities and might be one of the most exciting photoshoots I have ever had the pleasure of shooting. How can a photographer not be spoiled by the absolutely stunning skyline making for a perfect backdrop no matter where we went. I don't think we left too many places untouched on our journey but these two were up for anything.

Not only did we explore the heart of Chicago while taking their engagement photos, we even went all the way to the beach area as well. The North Avenue Beach was a perfect spot to end our session. Given that we were in Chicago and only had a limited time we were very lucky that the weather was in our favor. Right as we begun the pouring rain FINALLY stopped and we were able to get some incredible photos at the beach.

As if this wasn't enough, I finally had a couple that wanted to stay out extra long and get some incredible night shots. We took a break for about an hour and then headed back out to find the perfect place to capture these. The Chicago Riverwalk was the perfect spot given the lighted pathway and the AMAZING cityscape behind us. Taking pictures at night can be tricky and luckily this was something we discussed before I jumped on the plane so that I could prepare and bring the right equipment along with me.

At the end of this shoot we were all exhausted but so incredibly happy, We were able to capture some stunning engagement photos and spend a fun day together in a beautiful city!

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