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How becoming a mom changed everything

It is crazy how often I get asked how I started getting into photography or why I started in the first place. Besides the fact that it is fun to play around with a new hobby, there was something about capturing precious memories that appealed to me. I had always loved surrounding myself with pictures of friends and family. My dorm room freshman year was LITERALLY wallpapered in photos from floor to ceiling. I made taking a picture part of my life and slowly I realized that this was something I could share with others.

When I first got married my favorite part of planning the wedding was looking for a photographer. Since I was one of the first of my friends to get married, there was a lot of I didn't know about weddings in general. All I knew was that I wanted someone who could have fun with us and still manage to capture all of the important moments of the day. It was shortly after this rather BIG event that I decided to officially pick up the camera for the first time.

By the time I had my first son I knew that photography was something that could ensure that I would always have memories to look back on. The more pictures I took the more pictures I wanted to take. I was lucky enough to have friends and family who didn't mind being models which helped me to gain confidence and more importantly experience.

Enrolling in a professional photography program was the best decision I had ever made. I needed something that could take this to the next level - from a hobby to an actual profession. I have to give a huge thanks to Jason Kirby who was able to create an incredible program that taught me what I needed to know to motivate me and get an official business off the ground.

By the time my second son came into this world photography was not just a profession, but a passion. I looked forward to every photoshoot and would even make my kids be my models (well when I could get them to sit still). If it wasn't for my incredible husband none of this would even be a possibility. Supporting your wife as she pursues a dream takes patience and confidence not to mention a lot of extra hours alone with the kiddos while mom is off taking pictures of other families!

Becoming a mom only gave me more reasons to take pictures. Besides birthdays and normal holidays there were just too many "firsts" that needed to be captured. I love that years from now I can look back at these pictures and remember exactly how I felt in that moment. If I have the chance to give someone else that same experience, than I have done my job.

So while my business card officially has a corporate logo, I also carry one that has Mom, Photographer, and entrepreneur. And as my kids get older I guess I might as well add un-paid uber driver!

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